Our 51st Year

Global Issues 2022
Lectures are held in the Venice Community Center 326 S Nokomis Ave
Lectures start at 2:30 pm on Tuesdays, at 10:00 am on Fridays

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  Tuesday Friday
11 The Next Germany
Jeffrey Gedmin
14 Stories That Never Made It Into Print: Backstairs at the White House
Thomas DeFrank
18 Pandemics: From "What If" to "What Now"?
John Sinnott
21 Making Peace in the Middle East
Brian Hook
25 Energy Transition: Is It Feasible? What Will It Entail?
Richard Jones
28 Independence Corrupted: How America's Judges Really Make Their Decisions
Charles Schudson
1 The Dragon and the Bear: Russo-Chinese Relations
Robert Barylski
4 Can Europe Become French Again?
Martin Walker
8 U.S. Policy Towards the Middle East
Dennis Ross
11 How American Democracy Has Renewed Itself in the Past
Jeremi Suri
15 The Online Accelerator
Margaret Jay
18 Reckoning With the Legacy of White Supremacy in American Christianity
Robert Jones
22 Military Assistance vs Military Operations: A Cure for the Forever Wars
Charles Ray
25 New Hardline President Raisi and U.S.- Iran Relations
Mohsen Milani
1 Military Support to Civil Authorities
Russel Honoré
4 What Makes Vladimir Putin Tick?
John Beyrle
8 Ethiopia and its Prime Minister-From Nobel Laureate to War Crimes
William Davison
11 Can a Democratic America Compete with a Totalitarian China?
Robert Lieber
15 Current Issues in U.S. Intelligence
Mark Lowenthal
18 Domestic Extremism
Peter Bergen
22 Negotiating with North Korea
Stephen Biegun
25 Why America No Longer Gets Asia
Evan Feigenbaum
29 Our Own Worst Enemy: The Global Assault From Within on Modern Democracy
Thomas Nichols
1 Like War: How Social Media Has Become Weaponized, and What We Need to Know About It
Peter Singer