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Stephen Biegun

Stephen E. Biegun has more than three decades of international affairs experience in government and the private sector. In 2021 he concluded his most recent government service as the Deputy Secretary of State, to which he was confirmed by the Senate with a vote of 90-3. Prior to his most recent government service, Mr. Biegun served for 15 years as a corporate vice president with Ford Motor Company.

Mr. Biegun began his career as a foreign policy specialist with the United States Congress, with a focus on Russia, the former Soviet Union, and Europe, ultimately rising to a number of senior-level positions including chief of staff of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and as the national security advisor to Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist. He served for two years as the Executive Secretary of the White House National Security Council and as an advisor and deputy to National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice.

Mr. Biegun holds a B.A. in Russian language and political science from the University of Michigan.