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Aron Troen

Aron Troen

Prof. Aron Troen is a member of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where he directs the Nutrition and Brain Health Laboratory and teaches in the School of Nutritional Sciences. He was previously on faculty at Tufts University.

While much of his research is concerned with clarifying the biological connection between the quality of diet and brain health, putting such insights into practice is not simply a matter of life-style choices, but rather, for many people, one of life-circumstances. Prevalent food insecurity is a key driver of ill health, deprivation and economic harm worldwide, including the USA and OECD nations. Evidence-based policy changes will be essential to improve the food security of individuals and nations, to enhance the quality of the food supply, and to ensure that it is safe and sustainable.

Dr. Troen's evolving research and public service examine micronutrient fortification, food policy reform and public health nutrition, including in recent responses to the COVID pandemic. He serves on various Ministry of Health committees on nutrition, health and food security.

Amb. Troen received his doctorate from Oxford University and B.Sc. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.