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Global Issues 2017

Francis J.

Francis J. "Bing" West

F. J. “Bing “ West, a former Assistant Secretary of Defense and combat Marine in Vietnam, is the author of ten books about the wars in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

His bestselling books include The Village (1972); The Strongest Tribe (2008), a history of the Iraq war; and The Wrong War (2012), a history of the Afghanistan war. His articles appear in tThe Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, The Atlantic, National Review, Foreign Affairs and the Washington Post. He also appears on The PBS News Hour and Fox News and is currently writing a combat leadership book with retired Marine General James Mattis.

Mr. West is the recipient of the Defense Distinguished Public Service Medal, the 2004 and the 2012 Marine Corps Heritage Awards, the Colby Military History Award, the Marine Corps Foundation Award for Leadership, the Goodpaster Prize for Military Scholarship, Tunisia's Medaille de Liberté, the Father Clyde Leonard Award, the Free Press Award, the Veterans of Foreign Wars National Media Medal and the Marine Corps Combat Correspondents Award.

A graduate of Princeton and Georgetown Universities, he is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Infantry Order of St. Crispin.