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4 Adelaide Boedecker
5 U.S. Military as an Agent for Democracy
Gary Roughead
7 The President's Inbox
Christopher Hill
11 Joshua Horne
French Horn
12 Iranís Foreign Policy: Continuity and Change
Mohsen Milani
14 Americaís Strategic Future in a World of Rival Authoritarian Great Powers
Dan Twining
18 Jonathan Gentry
19 Is the Middle East Turning a Page?
Amb. Dennis Ross
21 The Impact of the Coronavirus on the Conduct of U.S. Diplomacy and Historical Perspectives from Africa
Jimmy Kolker
25 Kevin Short
26 The U.S. and Russia: Paradoxes of Conflict and Collaboration
John Beyrle
28 Drones and Drone Warfare
John Jackson
1 Steven Banks and Xak Bjerken
saxophone and piano
2 Diplomacy in the Time of COVID-19
Thomas Shannon
4 The European Union: What's Next?
Martin Walker
8 Olga Kern
piano with Vladislav Kern, piano
9 Turkeyís Return to the Middle East in an an Age of Global Turmoil
Asli Aydintasbas
11 Neglected Crises: Casandras
Wendy Chamberlin
15 Lisa Chavez
16 The New Normal
Margaret Jay
18 Presidential Leadership in Crises
Jeremi Suri
22 Jennifer and Christopher Takeda
23 Lessons from the Global Pandemic: The U.S. Can't Make Its Own Generic Medicines
Rosemary Gibson
25 Food Security: Bringing Science and Politics to the Table
Aron Troen
1 Dick Hyman and Bobby White
piano and tenor
2 The United States under Electronic Siege: Are We Losing the War?
Suzanne Spaulding
4 Indispensable Nation? The U.S. Role in World Order
Robert Lieber
8 Peter and Kara Dugan
piano and mezzo-soprano
9 Pandemics, Privatization, and Political Power Plays
Thomas Gentzel
11 Chinaís Economic Challenges and U.S.- China Competition
David Dollar
15 Tetiana Shafran
16 The Centaurís Dilemma: National Security Law for the Coming Artificial Intelligence Revolution
James Baker
18 Syria and the Kurds
Robert Ford
22 Maria Wirries
23 Japanís Global Moment
Josh Walker
25 Russia-American Relations after our Presidential Election
Robert Barylski
29 .
30 The Politicization of the Department of Justice
Robert Gary