Our 50th Year

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U.S. Military as an Agent for Democracy
Gary Roughead

Adm. Gary Roughead will discuss the evolving role of the U.S. military as an agent for the promotion of Democracy around the globe. His discussion will explore how the military is playing a more active role in Diplomacy and exporting American values to the world.


Iran’s Foreign Policy: Continuity and Change
Mohsen Milani

The Iranian Revolution of 1979 shocked Americans when it demolished the Shah’s pro-American regime and survived through multiple crises for 42 years. From Carter to Trump, seven American presidents failed to end the confrontation. Dr. Milani will discuss the impact of our 2020 presidential election on relations between Washington and Tehran.


Is the Middle East Turning a Page?
Amb. Dennis Ross

As the new administration begins, it is faced with a plethora of challenges, from the pandemic's health and economic dimensions to regional great power rivalries. Amb. Dennis Ross will explain how one might navigate this evolving landscape and some of the decisions facing our new administration.


The U.S. and Russia: Paradoxes of Conflict and Collaboration
John Beyrle

Despite the tensions between the United States and Russia, there is a peculiar strain of pragmatism that tempers Moscow’s dealings with Washington. This pragmatic framework is not new but has defined the relationship from Catherine to Great through Stalin to Putin.


Diplomacy in the Time of COVID-19
Thomas Shannon

The pandemic has shown the extent of Latin America’s globalization, threatened its economies, laid bare its social inequalities, and upended regional cooperation. Amb. Thomas Shannon will discuss what comes next for our Hemisphere, and how can the United States help our partners in the Americas rebuild their economies and strengthen their democracies?


Turkey’s Return to the Middle East in an Age of Global Turmoil
Asli Aydintasbas

Turkey’s return to the Middle East after decades avoiding external engagements is fundamental. Turkey now controls part of Syria along its southern border and has military in Qatar and Libya. Ms. Aydintasbas will help understand whether this is a temporary mindset or shows Turkey as a regional actor and possible hegemon.


The New Normal
Margaret Jay

The current view is that the Coronavirus pandemic has transformed the way our economies will work. In the U.K. the BREXIT problem has been replaced by new concern about how business can be successful in a much more regulated global world. Baroness Jay will discuss whether the ‘New Normal' will really be permanent or will we all slip back into the old ways more quickly than we think?


Lessons from the Global Pandemic: The U.S. Can't Make Its Own Generic Medicines
Rosemary Gibson

The global pandemic has exposed U.S. and global dependence on China for essential ingredients to make thousands of generic drugs. The U.S. can no longer make aspirin, penicillin or other generic antibiotics. Rosemary Gibson will discuss how we got here, the risks, and mitigating measures.


The United States under Electronic Siege: Are We Losing the War?
Suzanne Spaulding

Our democratic institutions and elections are under siege --not by military might, but by modern day electronics. Suzanne Spaulding, former Undersecretary for Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure at the Department of Homeland Security, will describe this threat to our democracy and analyze our response.


Pandemics, Privatization, and Political Power Plays
Thomas Gentzel

Public education is a birthright in the United States. That's a constant, but what it means, and how it looks, is always changing, sometimes dramatically. Thomas J. Gentzel examines the trends, and the often unexpected forces, that are altering American basic education.


The Centaur’s Dilemma: National Security Law for the Coming Artificial Intelligence Revolution
James Baker

What is artificial intelligence? How does it work? What are its security applications, implications, and challenges? Are we ready for the coming AI revolution? Experts refer to a Centaur Model of AI as part machine, part human. Judge James Baker answers these questions and asks where AI takes us and the consequences.


Japan’s Global Moment
Josh Walker

Japan today is better placed to expand its global role than at any time in history. COVID-19 has sharpened the competition between America, Japan’s closest ally, and China, its largest economic market. Dr. Joshua Walker will discuss the consequential decisions Japan must make for the future.


The Politicization of the Department of Justice
Robert Gary

Throughout most of our history, the U.S. Department of Justice has been an apolitical defender and protector of the rule of law. Robert Gary will examine what has occurred in recent years at the DOJ and policies and practices that have strayed from that respected and valued tradition.