Our 51st Year

Global Issues 2022

Greetings to all as we prepare to return to near normalcy in our 51st year. As always, our 72 live lectures Tuesdays through Fridays for 12 weeks in Sarasota, Venice and Lakewood Ranch will be given by knowledgeable experts with a deep understanding of their respective fields of interest. We continue to strive for living up to our motto of "An Insider's View of Today''s World" and we have a wide ranging cast of speakers to cover the many issues of the day.

But there is a special twist SILL GI offers for 2022: A combination of both live talks and the opportunity to see and hear those talks from the comfort of your home at the time of your choosing. While the buzzword for our 50th Anniversary year in 2021 was "Virtual", for 2022 the buzzword will be "Hybrid". Sound familiar? Companies, schools, organizations, governments, you name it, are figuring out who needs to be where and when to get the job done.

SILL learned a lot from our virtual season: When we surveyed the audience after the season we got strong encouragement from so many, that they loved the convenience of watching our speakers at a time of their own choosing. We reached new audiences hundreds and thousands of miles away from Sarasota! And so many others said they sorely missed "just being there" and meeting their friends and going to lunch. Hopefully our hybrid season will satisfy both camps.

So, Global Issues fans and newcomers, you have the option in 2022 to attend lectures live. Many of our returning speakers look forward eagerly to talking in front of a live audience and feeding off of the energy that you so keenly provide them with your attentiveness, questions, and chatter on the sidelines. Or you can watch it at home or wherever you take your tablet or laptop to tune in.

We call the online version of SILL GI 2022 the VOD series, Video on Demand. We think we have made it very simple to participate. Click here for details.

As is typical of a SILL GI series, we have a wonderful mix of returning speakers talking about China, Russia, Iran, the Middle East, the EU, internal issues in our own country and new voices to talk about such things as the pandemic and what we have learned and how to do it better next time, Germany, Africa, the Abraham Accords, domestic extremism and the political implications of transferring to a new era of energy sources.

The SILL Global Issues Committee has done an outstanding job of recruiting the 2022 speakers, and 14 of them are new to SILL with new perspectives but still within the bounds of our motto of providing "An insider's view of the world".

By the end of the season we think you will all agree that these Committee members have worked their rollodexes hard and rounded up a wonderful program. Thanks go to the GI Program Committee members: Bob Barylski, Mike Boorstein, Beth Cotner, Bob Deutsch, Peter Huber, Craig Kennedy, Bob Lieber, Jorie Lueloff, Jim McGee, Jeff Olesen, Bill Smullen and Carmen Stoeckmann.