Our 52nd Year

Global Issues 2023
Lectures are held at First United Methodist Church
104 S. Pineapple Ave. and start at 10:30 am
Wednesday lectures have closed captioning

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10 Strengthening America’s Voice in a Changing World
Barbara Stephenson
11 The Case for Following Rules
Barbara Stephenson
12 Diplomacy in an Age of Uncertainty: How the United States Can Defend Its Interests, Promote Its Values, and Keep the Peace in the 21st Century
Thomas Shannon
17 The State of U.S. Foreign Policy After Two Years of the Biden Administration
Stephen Biegun
18 How Will the Russian Invasion of Ukraine Affect Global Peace and Stability?
Stephen Biegun
19 Iran: Is Reconciliation With the U.S. Possible?
Mohsen Milani
24 Beyond Cryptocurrencies
Lee Schneider
25 Decentralized Finance as a Gateway to the Metaverse
Lee Schneider
26 The Prosecutor’s Art from the Streets to the Suites to the Oval Office
Charles Schudson
31 Advancing Nuclear Energy
Rodney Adams
1 Carbon Fees - The Social Costs of Carbon Emissions
Rodney Adams
2 Macron's Europe - or Putin's?
Martin Walker
7 Post Brexit:  What Now?
Margaret Jay
8 The Refugees in SW Florida - The Human Story
Yasmin Sayed
9 Civil War by Other Means
Jeremi Suri
14 How Are the Great Powers Responding to Africa's Population Growth and Economic Emergence?
Jimmy Kolker
15 Lessons Learned from Fighting AIDS and Ebola in Africa. Did We Apply Them to Covid? Are We Ready for the Next Pandemic?
Jimmy Kolker
16 The Sneaky War: Russia, China, the U.S. and the Emerging Strategic Paradigm
Sean McFate
21 Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease: When Will We Find a Cure?
Aron Troen
22 Can Dementia be Prevented? The Role of Diet and Lifestyle
Aron Troen
23 Changing World: Changing Middle East
Dennis Ross
28 Rivers of Iron: High-Speed Railroads and Chinese Power in Southeast Asia
David Lampton
1 U.S.-China Relations: Where Are they Headed Now?
David Lampton
2 India and the World: Its Rise, Power, and Influence
Manjari Chatterjee Miller
7 Civics at Work
Suzanne Spaulding
8 Training to Fight in the Light: Preparing to Prevail in a World Without Secrets
Suzanne Spaulding
9 Presidential Politics
Thomas DeFrank
14 Paying the Price for Ignoring Latin America
Charles Shapiro
15 Cuba and Venezuela: Holding On Against All Odds
Charles Shapiro
16 Russia: Preparing for the Post-Putin Era
John Beyrle
21 The Future of the Liberal International Order
Kori Schake
22 European Security After Ukraine
Kori Schake
23 Understanding Turkey — And Its Rise in the Great Power Game
Asli Aydintasbas
28 Putin’s War Against Ukraine and the US/NATO System
Robert Barylski
29 Latin America: Is the “Red Threat” Back?
Robert Barylski
30 Is the West Back? Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine and the Future of the Atlantic Alliance
Charles Kupchan