Our 50th Year

Global Issues 2021

This is the Golden Anniversary of the Sarasota Institute of Lifetime Learning, our 50th year and what a year it will be! We are committed to bringing you SILL's Global Issues series. In view of COVID-19 concerns we will deliver the season VIRTUALLY and FREE! You will find specifics on this website for registering to receive the lectures wherever you may be in Sarasota and the world. Should you miss a broadcast, you will be able to access a recording of it online.

SILL's Global Issues Series will continue to present a non-partisan, expert based, factual program for a broad overview of the complex world we live in. The experts who will speak with us will share their information and experience in dealing with the world in today's context. We continue our effort to recruit speakers who have a range of perspectives, but who also have the experience base from which to present their information and views. Due to its preeminent topical interest several lecturers will consider the impact of the pandemic on diplomacy, politics, food security, and medicine. Lectures will span the globe as we address issues such as the challenges of dealing with China, Japan, Russia, Iran, Syria, Turkey, and the Middle East. We will also present on the debates about artificial intelligence, cyberspace, drone warfare, Presidential leadership, and America's strategic future in a world of rival authoritarian powers.

We have a great mix of returning and new speakers for 2021. Eleven of this season's twenty-five speakers will be new to SILL audiences, offering perspectives that have not been heard here before. Other favorite speakers are returning to the program to present their perspectives on issues like "The European Union: What's Next", "Russo-American Relations after our Presidential Elections", "U.S. Military as an Agent for Democracy", and "Indispensable Nation? U.S. Role in World Order"

SILL promises another great year examining Global Issues which will impact us in 2021. We expect to deliver a lecture series of exceptional breadth and depth on topics in the news today.

Program Committee

Our Program Committee members for this season's Global Issues programs are: Bob Barylski, Michael Boorstein, Beth Cotner, Bob Deutsch, Richard Friedman, Peter Huber, Craig Kennedy, Jorie Lueloff, Jim McGee, Jeff Olesen, Bill Smullen and Carmen Stoeckmann. Frequently one of us will be serving as a virtual moderator for the lectures. As usual, we very much welcome your feedback. Regrettably, we will not have the pleasure of meeting you personally this season. We hope you find the virtual 2021 season enjoyable and informative and look forward to seeing you in person for the 2022 season.