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SILL President

Welcome to the 48th season of SILL! What began as a small group of retirees in search of intellectual stimulation has grown into a blockbuster series of lectures that attracts more than 45,000 people each winter.

SILL's Music Monday program, created by the late June LeBell, continues its wide popularity under the inspired leadership of her husband Edward Alley. For a listing of this season's musical treats and conversations, see the flip side of this brochure.

Our Global Issues program committee, chaired by Bob Deutsch, has assembled an impressive roster of speakers to analyze the daunting tensions that face the world today.

U.S.- Russian relations dominate the headlines. Who better to address the subject than the former U.S. ambassador to Russia John Tefft? For insight into Russian intervention in U.S. elections, we have retired CIA executive officer James Bruce.

Much attention has been focused on Asia--particularly China and North Korea. J. Stapleton Roy, former US ambassador to China, will discuss "US-China Strategic Rivalry". " Dealing with North Korea" is the topic addressed by Christopher Hill, lead US negotiator with North Korea at six party talks under Bush "43". Ambassador Hill will also take on the broad question: "Is America's Global Influence Declining?".

For the view from another part of the world, HRH Prince Turki Al-Faisal, former Saudi ambassador to the United States, will present "Saudi Perspectives on the Mideast." For the U.S. perspective we'll hear from Ambassador Dennis Ross.

Other timely topics include: "The Changing Demographics in America", " The Future of War", "The Impossible Presidency" and "The Aging Brain".

For 2019, SILL is excited to offer a new venue in Longboat Key with weekly video broadcasts a week later of the Global III Series on Thursday mornings in Sarasota.

It's going to be another fabulous season at SILL! Come join us!

Jorie Lueloff