Global Issues 2024
Lakewood Ranch
Lectures are held at Cornerstone Church
14306 Covenant Way

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  Wednesday 11:00 am Thursday 5:00 pm
10 Responding to a World in 'Permacrisis'
Daniel Speckhard
11 Understanding Iranís Dynamics
Mohsen Milani
17 A Fragile Balkan Region in the Vortex of War in Ukraine
Eric Rubin
18 US-China Relations from Cold War to Cold War
David Lampton
24 Ukraine: Lessons in Modern Warfare
Nolan Peterson
25 Artificial Intelligence: Reality Catching Up to Science Fiction
Peter Singer
31 Taiwan: Economic Powerhouse, Security Flash Point
Shelley Rigger
1 Europeís Double Trouble UKís:† Ukraine and the UK
Martin Walker
7 The Changing Climate and our Changing World
Bob Bunting
8 Why Americans Love and Hate Government
Jeremy Suri
14 The War on Terror Twenty Years Later: Are We Safer Now?
Bruce Hoffman
15 Me Worry? Ė Non-Traditional Threats to Global Security
Carla Koppell
21 Iran: The Womenís Rights Moment
Roya Hakakian
22 Adapting to the Ebb of U.S. Middle East Focus and Influence
Dennis Ross
28 Outsmarting and Containing Putin: The Ukraine Trap
Robert Barylski
29 Soft Power Diplomacy: Americaís Hidden Treasure
Harriet Elam-Thomas
6 Trying Times, Troubled Times - The Reasons to be Optimistic
Charlayne Hunter-Gault
7 Can Nuclear Energy Help Save the Planet?
Rod Adams
13 Russia, Ukraine and European Energy Security
Richard Morningstar
14 Insurrection in America: The Rise in Political Violence
Russel Honore
20 The Growing Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons: Critical Threat to International Security?
Robert Gallucci
21 New Campaign Challenges in 2024: Reaching a More Diverse Electorate
Susan MacManus
27 A Message from Japan: Dear China, Asia Does Not Belong to You
John Malott
28 Putinís Russia: The Man, The People, The War
Jill Dougherty
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