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SILL's Speakers in the Media

SILL's Speakers in the Media, Year Round!
We are compiling their input for your convenience.

SILL recruits our speakers for their knowledge and expertise. The Media often seeks them out for the same reasons.

As a convenience to our community members, we are compiling links to our speaker's writings and appearances so you may benefit from their insights even when SILL is not in session.
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Asli Aydintasbas
European Council on Foreign Relations July 27, 2022
Hedge politics: Turkey's search for balance in the Middle East
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In a lengthy review of shifting Turkish foreign policy, Ms. Aydintasbas looks at President Erdogan's focus on regime protection. She explains why Turkey has changed it's attitude towards the middle east as it reorients its policies and seeks to expand its partners in the region.

Washington Post July 22, 2022
The Grain Deal Highlights the Tricky Erdogan-Putin Relationship
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Ms. Aydintasbas looks at the transactional nature of Turkey's relationship with Russia and or the two leaders. She notes that their most recent deal on Ukrainian grain shipments can benefit both leaders, but also Ukraine and grain importing countries.

Stephen Biegun
Detroit News July 31, 2022
Pretending We're Not at War with Russia Has Real Risks
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Secretary Biegun explains that Putin sees his actions in Ukraine as part of Russia's war with the West. He argues that understanding Putin and Russia's frame is important, otherwise our preparations and planning will not be ready for Russia's future steps and expansion of the Ukraine conflict.

Charles Kupchan
The National Interest July 3, 2022
How US Strategy Can Succeed in A Multi-polar World
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Professor Kupchan argues the U.S. needs to shift strategy to deal with a multipolar world and adopt a greater realpolitik. He says there is no longer place for idealism in our strategy as we solidify the

Manjari Chaterjee Miller
Asia Unbound Blog July 14, 2022
India's Special Relationship with Abe Shinzo
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In the aftermath of the assassination of former Japanese PM Shinzo Abe, Dr. Miller looks at his impact on India's relationship with Japan. He had a particular impact in drawing these two major Asian countries together while creating personal ties with India's leaders.

Dennis Ross
Foreign Affairs July 6, 2022
The United States Needs a Better Strategy to Deter Iran
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Ambassador Ross says that neither the current or previous administration has been effective with their strategies for Iran. He calls for approaches that re-establish deterrence, whatever the outcome of negotiations on a nuclear agreement. Adding that the deterrence must counter more than just Iran's nuclear ambitions, but also its threatening regional behaviour.

National Interest July 27, 2022
The True Promise of Joe Biden's Middle East Trip
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In collaboration with former SILL speaker Jeffrey, Ambassador Ross argues that President Biden's trip to the middle East shows a pragmatic approach to the region. They say that the focus on reassuring our Allies in Israel and Saudi Arabia, confirming we would provide the necessary support for their security and to face the regional threats created by Iran.

Kori Schake
Alumni Confidential:Kori Schake August 17, 2022
University of California Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation
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In an Alumni interview, Dr. Schake comments on her view of the U.S. role in the world. She notes that while our power is decreasing, it remains essential in defending the liberal western order. She also explains that exercise of U.S. power is different, in that it reflects a particular set of values to which Americans generally hold ourselves accountable.

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