Curtis Institute of Music string sextet
Natalie Helm and Cheeko Matsusaka
Janet Horvath
Ariana Kim
Colin Leonard
Jonathan Mamora
Larisa Martinez
Ricardo José Rivera and Carmenchú Domínguez
Peter Rothstein
Oleg Kruglyakov and Terry Boyarsky
Eddie Tobin
Doug Wright and Hermitage Artist Retreat Guest


Oleg Kruglyakov, balalaika and Terry Boyarsky, piano have a compelling story and an instant rapport with audiences. They are known for their joyful, energizing performances. Listeners can expect moving, exuberant interpretations which sometimes inspire dancing, sometimes evoke tears. Russian Duo was born out of love of traditional music and classical elegance. Oleg is a balalaika virtuoso from Siberia, trained at the prestigious Urals State Conservatory in Yekaterinburg. Terry is an American concert pianist, Dalcroze Eurhythmics teacher and Ethnomusicologist.

Robert Spano, Music Director, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra writes, "With music of élan, finesse and passion so virtuosically rendered, this duo's performances are irresistible."

Oleg and Terry celebrate cross-cultural creativity, exploring the range of possibilities for balalaika, piano, and voice. They present a remarkable genre of compositions written for this formerly pagan three-stringed, triangular instrument. The balalaika was modernized at the end of the 19th century for virtuoso performance and ensemble playing. In addition to classical music and folk songs, Russian Duo performs music by Ukrainian composers, tango, blue grass, Soviet film music, and their own arrangements of ragtime. Russian Duo is dedicated to educational outreach and believes it is vital to demonstrate the importance of cross-cultural collaboration to the younger generation.