Global Issues

Sarasota Tuesday Series


Delivering on the Constitution's Aspirations - Aligning Security and Privacy
Chris Inglis

Prof. Chris Inglis will describe the mission, capabilities and procedures which ensure the National Security Agency (NSA) conducts its foreign intelligence mission while protecting privacy. He will describe the constitutional framing, legal precedents and operational controls in place at NSA before and after Snowden, along with lessons learned on all sides.


U.S. Foreign Policy after One Year of President Donald Trump’s Leadership
Christopher Hill

NATO and the European Union, Russia and Ukraine, North Korea, the Middle East, and other hotspots form a virtual cauldron which cannot be relegated to the back-burner. Amb. Christopher Hill will review how these hotspots will be addressed/resolved through Trump’s unconventional approach.


Robot Nation: Synergy between Man and Machine
Sasha Hoffman

Robots are no longer science fiction. Robots have arrived. Sasha Hoffman will discuss how robots and autonomous systems are impacting our lives at home and work. She will walk through multiple industry examples from surveillance to construction and discuss what lies ahead on the cutting edge of robotic technology.


U.S. - Russia Relations: Major Power Relations in a New World Order
James Collins

A quarter century after the end of the Cold War, the world order fashioned largely by U.S. leadership is challenged on many fronts. Amb. James Collins explains how Russia’s role in this process remains significant and essential, but limited by real constraints. Getting the thinking about Russia right continues to challenge American policy makers.


The Continuing Crisis with North Korea
Donald Gregg

World attention continues to focus on North Korea. Many regard it as the potential flash point for a nuclear conflict. How did this tiny country get into such an important position? Amb. Donald Gregg, who refers to North Korea as "The longest running failure in the history of U.S. Intelligence", will share his insights.


Understanding Iran’s Foreign Policy
Mohsen Milani

Dr. Mohsen Milani will explain how the Islamic Republic defines and defends its national interests. He will discuss tensions between Islamic revolutionary idealism and traditional Iranian state interests. Iran seeks improving relations with U.S. allies but Iranian revolutionary rallies still chant the slogans of 1979 against Zionism and American “imperialism.”


America’s Collapsing Democracy
Mickey Edwards

American democracy rests on supportive institutions – governing, elections, justice, economic and education systems, and competent news media. Each has failed to support our democracy. Trust in democracy is falling and for millions of Americans in 2016, voting was a protest. Mickey Edwards will address what will happen if we do not repair those systems.


Governing a Prosperous North America: Canada, Mexico, and the United States
Jorge Dominguez

Dr. Jorge Dominguez will examine issues affecting all of North America. These include trade, migration, drug trafficking, terrorism, tourism and border waters. How should Canada, Mexico, and the United States deal with these issues?


Green Card Stories
Stephen Yale-Loehr

Immigration expert Prof. Stephen Yale-Loehr will put a human face on immigration, moving the debate beyond divisive politics and into the landscape of everyday America. He will look at individual cases to illustrate how immigrants are contributing to our nation today.


How We Win
Farah Pandith

Farah Pandith will describe the challenging environment that has allowed extremist ideologies to propagate and garner adherents. Based on her experience in government and the private sector, she will describe how entrepreneurs, political visionaries, enlightened business leaders, and social media mavens can defeat this extremist threat.


Why and How Americans Should Think About Their Cybersecurity
Suzanne Spaulding

Americans rely on the Internet in their personal, professional, and even civic lives. This dependency makes us vulnerable to cyber-attack. The attackers are states, criminals, and hacktavists. In order to act to mitigate risk, Suzanne Spaulding will suggest that the prudent response is to understand threats, our vulnerabilities, and the negative consequences.


Turkey’s Descent to Authoritarianism: Political Islam or the Corruption of Power?
Amberin Zaman

In Turkey an Islamist party was repeatedly democratically elected to government. Ms. Amberin Zaman will discuss the effect its descent into authoritarianism has on Muslim political movements worldwide. Does it demonstrate the way for democracy to promote an Islamic agenda or, that unchallenged power corrupts and political Islam is incompatible with pluralism and democracy?