Our 51st Year

Video on Demand 2023

This year we are offering 3 Video On Demand (VOD) subscriptions:
     Music Monday
     Global Issues Series I/II Tuesday/Wednesday
     Global Issues Series III Thursday

All three are a recording of the respective live event in Sarasota.

The VOD offerings will be available 1-2 days after the event date. They will remain available for 4 weeks after they are posted.

We have made it very simple to participate. Just before the start of the season VOD subscribers will receive an email with a link to be used for the entire season, no password required.

Click on the link to access the season page for your subscription. All available vidoes will have a green Watch Now button to the right of the event listing.

Be sure to save the link, you will use it for the entire season.

All subscriptions are for a 12 week series. Global Issues Series I/II VOD is composed of 6 lectures from Series I and 6 lectures from Series II. See below for a list of the specific lectures.

The price for a single subscription is $85. If you purchase a VOD subscription along with with a live perfomance subscription, you will receive a package discount. The price for the package is $160. The VOD and live subscriptions must be in the same group. For example, live Music Monday (Sarasota or Venice) with Music Monday VOD.

The ticket website will show the discount and the package price when the second item of the pair has been added to the cart. The date shown on the ticket website is the date of the first lecture/performance of the season. VOD subscriptions must be ordered online.

Below is the schedule for the Tuesday/Wednesday series.