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John Tefft

John Tefft

Amb. John Tefft is a Senior Fellow at the RAND Corporation, a nonprofit, nonpartisan policy research organization. Prior to this, as a career Foreign Service Officer for 45 years, he served as the United States Ambassador to Russia (2014-2017), Ukraine (2009-2013), Georgia (2005-2009), and Lithuania (2000-2003). He also served earlier in Moscow as Deputy Chief of Mission (1996-1999), Rome (1986-1989), Budapest (1979-1982), and Jerusalem (1972-1974). He was the International Affairs Advisor (Deputy Commandant) of the U.S. National War College and the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs responsible for Eastern Europe.

Amb. Tefft originally retired from the Foreign Service in 2013 and worked as the Executive Director of the RAND Corporation's U.S.-Russian Business Leaders' Forum until he was recalled to duty to serve as the U.S. Ambassador to Russia in 2014. He is the recipient of the Secretary of State's Distinguished Service Award and the State Department's Distinguished Honor Award.

Amb. Tefft holds a B.A. from Marquette University and an M.A. in history from Georgetown University.